Meticulous 8" Antique Iron Barn Door Handle & Pocket Pull Set With Hardware OLD

Offered is a meticulously clean 8" antique cast iron barn door handle and pocket pull set that includes slotted wood screws and oversized machine bolts with square nuts. This set was recently salvaged from a former wine warehouse on Bay Street in downtown Jersey City, NJ, along with a number of others. This particular set was stripped of many years of paint and grime to reveal its time-darkened iron patina. This set is ideal for a rolling door because the recessed iron cup pull ensures that the door can roll past the opening without obstruction. It also allows the door handle and pull to be accessed from both sides easily. There appears to be a patent date of “1.6.14” on the rear of the recessed pull. The casting markings are strong and highly legible. The set will easily fit a door with a thickness of 1_3/4” up to about 3”. This set certainly makes a statement—whether used for restoration or to give a modern-built door a vintage finishing touch. We were able to salvage a number of sets and also a few additional single handles (without recessed pulls). Please inquire about additional pieces. 


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